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[Star Wars] 1/72 First Order Tie Fighter

[Star Wars] 1/72 First Order Tie Fighter
Kit includes two canopies, two seated figures, 1 standing figure, base, laser blasts and decals


ONE PIECE [05] Moby Dick Ship

- Accessories: effect sea level - Item Size/Weight : 31.1 x 19.2 x 7.3 cm / 323g


ONE PIECE [07] Marine Warship

Marine Warship from One Piece joins the Grand Ship Collection Line! Features turrets that can move up and down. Its compact size makes it easy to display and requires no tools to assemble. Through the use of pre-colored plastic and stickers there's no need for paint. Includes a ocean surface effect part. Compatible with the action base 2.

Accessories: wave effect


[Star Wars] 1/12 Darth Vader

Bandai makes a big splash in the 'Star Wars' world with its 1/12-scale Darth Vader model kit!  This version of the Dark Lord of the Sith depicts him as seen in 'The Empire Strikes Back,' and includes interchangeable hands, a removable helmet, a light saber hilt and a ready-for-battle light saber.  His cape is also jointed for dramatic poses! A base is included as well.  Come over to the Dark Side and place your order today!

  • Release Date: Nov 2014
  • In the battle of episode 5 of the Cloud City], and reproduced in 1/12 scale model Darth Vader was confronted by overwhelming force.
  • This is first Star Wars character plastic model kits!
  • Helmet: head cover removable helmet.
  • Water decal in use too.
  • Set include Two light saber x (handle state-light blade unfolded state), Dedicated display base x 1, (Weapon possession x 2, left fist x 1, smack x 2) 5 kinds of hand parts x 1
  • Height: approx 169mm.

  • This is pre-painted plastic model kits and require snap-fit assembly only.


    LOZ Diamond Block Toys - Cartoon Classic 6 in 1

    Tip: small toy parts, do not give children to play, to avoid eating! Remember! !

    Develop intelligence, and inspiring potential, To make children grow up with happiness, Perfect for gift.

    Loz Diamond block Toys
    - The nano smallest block toys,
    - Diamond block toys with assembly instruction
    - More details outlooking,
    - Suitable for age 9 or above
    - Perfect for display or collection or gift
    - You are bidding a nano diamond block toy.

    Highlights :
    - Allow for an astonishing range of creative play opportunities
    - Enhance Math and science skills
    - Enhance kids problem solving, planning and organizing skills
    - Assist in the development of fine motor skills
    - Enhance child creativity

    Product Features & Specification :
    Material : AB

    - Great VALUE, an alternative to large, expensive building sets!
    - Great option for people who enjoy Legos and want to try something different
    - Great level of detail! Micro-sized building blocks make detailed models of buildings, bridges, animals, instruments, trucks, planes, space shuttles and more EDUCATIONAL TOOL

    1) Micro Blocks help sharpen budding builders' gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and storytelling capabilities
    2) Micro Blocks are complex puzzles that induce cognitive skills during play. They may lead to increased sustained attention, selective attention and divided attention QUALITY & SAFETY
    3) Made from high-quality durable green material, micro blocks are flexible and won't damage easily
    4) Micro blocks have non-toxic and non-corrosive particles, and their smooth surface is designed specifically for children. Rounded corners make them kid-safe Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Click to get yours today.


    Tommy Takara Diecast vehicle - #117 MITSUBISHI I-MIEW

    • Takara Tomy Tomica die cast series. 
    • Suitable for 3 years & above.
    • Mitsubishi i-MIEW diecast vehicle.


    [Star Wars] 1/12 Boba Fett

    [Star Wars] 1/12 Boba Fett

    The most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy is now a 1/12 scale model kit from Bandai! It features the same detail and articulation that you've come to expect from the line,, and comes with a full array of accessories including interchangeable hand parts and a dedicated display base! Look for origin of shipment: only items shipped from within North America are being sold by authorized U.S. Retailers. The product box will have a Bluefin warning label, which is proof that you are purchasing an officially licensed band a I product, distributed by its sole and authorized distributor (Bluefin distribution) for the U.S. Markets. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations. The affixed label with the Bluefin distribution logo also entitles the purchaser to product support assistance.

    Accessories: only display base, jet pack, blaster rifle, blaster pistol, hand part four (right weapon possession, grip hands × 2, left open hand)

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    [Battleship Yamato] Mecha Colle 18 Yamato 2199: Deusura II Core Ship

    Take command of your Mecha Colle Gamilas fleet with this small but well-detailed snap-fit kit of Dessler's command ship! Parts are molded in dark blue plastic.


    Evangelion-00 New Movie Ver.

    The prototype Evangelion Unit-00 piloted by Rei Ayanami is here as a Bandai model kit! The spear and pallet rifle seen in the movie are included, so you can recreate any pose that you'd like!
    • Parts seamless arm joints by a rotary joint is covered with a soft resin parts.
    • The mechanism for providing the hollow portion removing excess intra-articular part, the interference with the movable molding
    • Structure is adopted to mitigate.
    • A variety of expressional umbilical cable that comes with the core material has entered, the combined body and pose
    • Possible.
    • Weapons - The Spear of Longinus and pallet rifle that appeared in the TV series are included.

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    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 001 - Star Destroyer

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 001 - Star Destroyer
    • Height 111mm
    • Reproduced in detail the form and detail while small size.
    • Display base is included.


    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 002 - X-Wing Starfighter

    • Height approx 86mm
    • In marking seal, reproduce the characteristic line of the X-wing starfighter.
    • That is characteristic wing of the X-wing starfighter is possible deployment.
    • Display base is included


    [Star Wars] 1/12 Death Trooper

    Death troopers were an elite variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. They served as protective details and bodyguards for important Imperial officers and members of the Tarkin Initiative. They wore black suits of armor and specialized helmets that scrambled verbal communications. Death troopers were trained in unarmed combat, heavy weapons, and sniping. Specializing in commando missions, the troopers were experts at covering their tracks, leaving little evidence of their missions.

    Bandai 1/12 scale Death Trooper is released now.
    Includes multiple hands and weapons. 
    These are highly detailed, snap kits.

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    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 006 - Millennium Falcon

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model 006 Millennium Falcon

    Length: 99mm
    Features the early Millennium Falcon’s signature round sensor dish.
    Retracted landing gear can be seen in three spots on the undercarriage.
    Includes a display base.


    [Pokemon] [39] Plastic Model Collection Select Series Solgaleo

    [Bandai] Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Select Series Solgaleo 

    This kit builds into the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo from the game "Pokemon Sun"! Parts come molded in color and stickers are included so no painting is required to complete this fun and easy-to-build kit! Runner x2, sticker sheet, and instruction manual included.
    • Product is Pre-Painted Plastic, No paint required.
    • Assembly required.
    • Includes Runners x 3, Sticker Sheet x 1, Instruction Manual x 1


    [Real Robot Revolution] 1/48 Layzner

    [Real Robot Revolution] 1/48 Layzner

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    [Star Wars] 1/144 AT-AT

    From Star Wars: Episode V - the empire strikes back, comes the AT-AT in 1/144 scale! the 4 legged mobile transport has stunning details even down to the side paneling.
    Recreate the memorable attack at the battle of Hoth scene with multiple kits!  legs feature individually movable joints that can even bend low enough to recreate the massive behemoth being defeated,  side panels can also be removed. A nipper or sprue cutter (sold separately) is required for assembly, but does not require glue. Also includes seated pilot, part swappable landing gear options, water slide and sticker transfer options. 

    Set includes snow themed dedicated display base, laser effect parts x2, leg Dampers,1/144 pilot x2, articulated head and legs, and laser gun x2.

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    [Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection No.41 Select Series Pikachu

    From Bandai's Poke Pla (Pokemon Plamo) collection comes a fun and easy to build kit of Pikachu! Two expressions are included, and Pikachu is posable after assembly for tons of display options. 

    Be sure to add him to your collection!


    [Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #17

    [Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Android #17

    Irregular occurrence in Muscle build system guys now, wake up ... !!!!!

    - Abundant optional parts
    Shaping the effects of the barrier and Qigong wave in clear material!
    If you buy in the No. 18 and set to shoot both hands of Qigong wave can also be reproduced!

    - Facial expression part two of the normal and anger

    - Reproduce the scene in the play in a wide range of motion!

    - Accessories: effect parts x 2 (barrier, Qigong wave), facial expressions x 2 (usually, anger), grip hand (left and right) x 1 each
    , Open hand (left and right) x 1 each, handgun possession (right) x 1


    [Dragon Ball] Mecha Collection Lunch's One Wheel Motorcycle

    Collectible Dragon Ball mechas in the palm of your hand!
    -  – Vol.3 is Lunch -  €™s One-wheel Motorcycle!

    -  – Dragon Ball mechas now come as model kits that fit perfectly into the palm of your hand!

    -  – Easy to assemble! Just fit the parts together without glue!
    -  – The parts are already colored, so all you have to do is put them together to make a dramatic mecha!

    -  – They're mini sized, but with incredible mechanical detail.

    -  – The package looks like a comic book! And the spines are designed to line up together - collect all 7 to complete the image!
    -  – Collect the -  €œRomantic Parts -  € of all seven volumes to build -  €œBulma's Romantic fighter plane -  €!!

    -  – Motorcycle x 1
    -  – Lunch x 1
    -  – Romantic part x 1

    [ CONTENTS ]
    -  – Sprue x 2
    -  – Sticker x 1
    -  – Instruction manual x 1


    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 010 - A-Wing Starfighter

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 010 - A-Wing Starfighter

    2 units in the package


    [Star Wars] 1/12 First Order Storm Trooper Executioner

    It is a plastic model of Stormtrooper, which is characterized by a black line of the head appearing in "Star Wars / Last Jedi". We also faithfully reproduce the new Stormtrooper helmet that appears in this work. Two kinds of weapons including the newly appearing claw-like weapon and eight kinds of hand parts are attached. Effective parts are also attached to the new armament, you can take a powerful action pose. Also included are parts of the conventional First Order Stormtrooper which also changed helmet design as well, it is a selectable formula which can be reproduced both high value items. 

    Total height: about 142 mm 

    Shoulder pad x 2 species
    Dedicated display base x 1
    F-11D blaster rifle x 1
    EP8 New Arm x 1
    Effect parts x 1 
    Hand parts x 8 species
    Weapon possession (right and left) x 1 each 
    Gun handle (right and left) x 1 each 
    Hirate (left and right) x 1 each 
    Fist (left and right) x 1 each 

    Sprue x 7
    Water-transfer decal x 1 
    Marking seal x 1 
    Instruction manual x 1

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    Bandai Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon

    - Send to all "adults" who grew up with Doraemon. Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon appears! What is inside Doraemon, what is going on? A new plastic model that answers such a question. Figure-rise Mechanics' new ground!

    - Detailed reproduction of details of the internal mechanisms such as Doraemon's distinctive [Petitrihand] and [Ultra Super Deluxe Computer]!
    - By assembling, you can understand the internal mechanism of Doraemon, you can know Doraemon more! Sticking to the process of assembling, you can enjoy the pleasure of building a real Doraemon!
    - Exterior parts, besides ordinary blue, also comes with clear exterior that allows the internal mechanism to be seen through! You can enjoy the display which can see internal mechanism even after assembly!
    - Time machine Sitting parts are included and can be put on simultaneous sale [Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon secret tool machine].

    - Accessories: Clear armor x 1 formula, Time machine sitting part x 1 formula

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    [Kamen Rider] Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form

    Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form

    Height: approx 145mm.

    - From [Kamen Rider Build] Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form Line up to Figure-rise Standard!

    - It is possible to reproduce the characteristic posing immediately after transformation and the deadly technique [vortex finish] by the wide joint mechanism of Figure - rise Standard.
    - Clear parts are used for eyes and full bottle, the lever can be rotated.
    - Drill crusher can be transformed into blade mode and gun mode by replacement.
    - A wide variety of hands including opening hands and hand grips are included.

    - accessories
    * Drill crusher x 1
    * Hand (left and right) x 1 each
    * Display base x 1

    - Product content
    * Molded parts x 5
    * Foil seal x 1
    * Nemer seal x 1
    * Instruction manual x 1

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    ONE PIECE [14] Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

    ONE PIECE Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

    - Great ship collection The first flying type ship appears!

    - Enel's ship [One - Piece Magim] that appears in One Piece Vol. 30 is three - dimensional.
    - Each propeller beside the hull can rotate independently, and it is possible to reproduce the flight for the first time in the series!
    - The distinctive facial part is gloss injection and surprisingly glossy feeling.
    - New display parts for reproducing Maxim that floats in the sky and Cloud effect of white molding color are attached.

    - accessories
    - Cloud effect x 1 formula
    - Flying pedestal x 1

    - Product content
    - Molded product x 4
    - Foil seal x1
    - Marking stick x 1
    - Instruction manual x 1


    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star -

    [Star Wars] Vehicle Model Series 013 - Death Star - 

    Recreate the intense Battle of Endor in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" with the new 1/2,700,000 scale Death Star II! Display this Death Star II along with the 1/72 B-Wing Starfighter and recreate illustrations by the late concept artist Ralph McQuarrie!


    [Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Fantasy Lion

    Arale-Chan Ribugigo

    - Dr.Slump series kit.
    - 1/144 scale
    - Kit that required assembly & painting. 
    - Comes with sticker sheet
    - Feature simple articulation


    [Star Wars] 1/12 R5-J2

    R5-J2 is an Imperial maintenance droid stationed aboard the Death Star II that provides support and repairs. It includes a display base plus additional arm accessories for R2-D2.

    Product Features:
    - 3.60 inches (9.15cm)
    - Made of plastic
    - From the Star Wars franchise
    - Additional accessories for R2-D2
    - R2-D2 not included

    Box Contents:
    - 5 Runners
    - Stickers
    - Additional arm accessories (for R2-D2)


    [Kamen Rider] Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Zi-O

    The protagonist of 20th Kamen Rider title "Kamen Rider Zi-O" gets a Figure-rise Standard kit release from Bandai! The complex coloring of his suit has been recreated through the use of separate parts, and he even features silver plated and clear parts, too. His joints allow for a wide range of motion, so you can recreate the Rider Kick as well as other poses from the series. 

    The Ziku-Driver is rotatable, and the Zikan Girade can be displayed in either Gun Mode or Sword Mode through the use of optional parts. Order today!

    - Zikan Girade
    - Gripping hand (right, left)
    - Open hand (right, left)
    - Weapon holding hand (right)
    - Hand for signature pose (left)
    - Display base

    Product Content:
    - Foil sticker sheet
    - Name sticker

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