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S.H.Figuarts Thor -(Battle Damage) Edition- (Avengers)

- Thor, is newly released in the costume when the movie [Avengers] first appeared!

- [Thor], which has been lined up in various costumes, is now available as a new model of the long-awaited [Avengers] costume!
- The expression is reproduced by digital coloring of the soul, various effect parts such as hammer turning, and a movable cloth cloak are attached, and the play value is also outstanding.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE with [Avengers] members released at the same time!

- The long-awaited [Avengers] Saw lineup with hair that reproduces the cloak with wires and two-tone coloring.
- The scene that is often seen during the work, which is turned before the hammer is shot, is also reproduced with special effect parts.
- Effect parts that can be replaced and attached to Mjolnir to reproduce the scene of summoning lightning are also included.
- The optional face parts also come with a horizontal line of sight, expanding your play.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement face parts
? Replacement wrist left 2 types Right 4 types
? Hammer (Mjolnir)
? Inazuma effect (for hammer)
? Hammer turning effect

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[Tamashii Nations] S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Full Power Son Goku

From S.H.Figuarts comes Super Saiyan Full Power Son Goku, from the legendary \"Dragon Ball Z.\" In addition to his normal face, three other facial expression parts - grinning face, screaming face, and serious face - are included, as well as four pairs of hands.

Box Contents
- Goku figure
- 3 Alternate facial expressions
- Grinning
- Screaming
- Gentle
- 4 Pairs of hands

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S.H.MonsterArts Kong from Movie [Godzilla vs. Kong] (2021)

  • The decisive battle of the century! 
  • [Godzilla vs. Kong] finally opens! 
  • Three-dimensional modeling and coloring by Mr. Yuji Sakai, one of the leading Godzilla modeling figures in Japan, based on movie data materials.
  • Ax weapon parts are included.

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Figuarts Zero [Extra Battle] Kozuki Oden

- [Kozuki Oden] is now available in the [Super Fierce Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-] series with flashy effects and dynamic poses!

- From the figure-tsu ZERO [Super Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-] series, [Kozuki Oden] is now available! The points are the impactful effect using clear parts, the powerful expression, the delicate modeling of the swords [Ame-no-Hazan] and [Yama], and the dynamic pose. The pedestal is the same as the previous series [Don! In addition to the onomatopoeia and the design of the name, the illustration of [Kozuki Oden] has been added to create a design full of spirit!

- The [Oden dual wield] of Kogetsu Oden, the trace of Shogun Wano, is three-dimensionalized with powerful poses and effects! With the sword, [Ame-no-Hazan] that cuts off the heavens and [Yama] that cuts down to the bottom of hell, the quality of the tears is overwhelming!
* Please use the attached dedicated pedestal for the display.

[set content]
* Main body (including effects)
* pedestal

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[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - New Ryujinmaru

  • [Fly! Ryujinmaru !!] [Shin Gen Hero Den Wataru 2] The new star Ryujinmaru appeared with power up.
  • The [Devil Hero Den Wataru 2] series has finally started.
  • [New Star Wing] newly obtained by powerup is movable and realizes dynamic posing.
  • The scene in the play can be reproduced by combining it with the star dragon sword.
  • Say goodbye, it's super fun cool.
  • Dynamically reproduce scenes that raise the familiar Star Dragon Sword.
  • Expand the [Nino Star Wing] and enjoy the nova Ryujin Maru flying in the air in a dynamic way.

[Package Content]
  • Main body
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • Star Dragon
  • A set of nova wings
  • Dedicated STAGE set

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[Tamashii Nations] Robot Spirits Side MS - MS-14JG Gelgoog J Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: The War in the Pocket series, the S-14JG Gelgoog Jager stands over 5 inches tall. Gelgoog is a highly poseable figure, including his mono-eye, and comes armed with a wide selection of weaponry.

Set Contents:

- Gelgoog Jager figure

- 4 Pairs of interchangeable hands

- Storage deck for hands

- Beam machine gun

- 2 Propellant tanks

- Beam effect part

- Machine gun firing effect part

- 4 Vernier effect parts

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[Tamashii Nations] Robot Spirits Side MS - RGM-79N GM Custom Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

-Jim Custom, which was operated as a dedicated aircraft for the ace and pilot of the Federal Army during the Dellers conflict, appeared on ver. ANIME with various equipment such as gym rifles!

-High-performance mass-produced aircraft whose overall performance has been upgraded by the Augusta Research Laboratory after the one year war.
-Adopts Gundam NT-1 parts and Gundam class generators.
-During the Dellers conflict, the aircraft was deployed to the Albion Corps as an ace-pilot-only aircraft, and engaged in numerous death battles.

The chest uses retractable armor. The poses with the arms turned inward are reproduced naturally.
The legs can be flexibly posed by a hip swing mechanism, a retractable joint on the back of the knee, and a pull-out joint on the heel.

The equipment includes a typical gym rifle, a bullpup machine gun, a beam saber, and a shield.
Attached spare magazine can be attached to the back of the shield.
Rifle effect and vernier effect make it possible to produce realistic effects.
The shield can be equipped with joint parts to adjust the equipment position according to the scene.
A gym rifle can be mounted on the back.

[ROBOT soul RGM-79C Gym Kai ver. ANIME] (sold separately) The included Hyper Bazooka can be suspended from the back.
[ROBOT soul MS-06S Char's Zaku ver. ANIME] (sold separately) The attached effects are linked between the series, enabling realistic reproduction in the play.

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[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Gekimaru

  • From [Mashin Hero Wataru 2] [Mashin Hero Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru], Umihiko's companion, Natsu Onimaru, appears in NXEDGE STYLE!
  • The deep green-based coloring and high-density, solid form create a profound feeling.
  • The huge shooting ring that is characteristic of Natsu Onimaru and the ocean current spear anger with the demon design are also reproduced with sharp modeling.
  • The green body has a vivid yellow color on both shoulders, and the coloring and volume are voluminous. The point of the ocean current spear rage, which is characterized by the demon design, is the gold coloring of the blade, and it shows a high presence in various poses.
  • The entrance angle of the head and the claws of both hands and feet are faithfully reproduced in the image by silver coloring and sharply edgy modeling.
  • The volume of the shooting ring (total height about 100 mm) that exceeds the main body of Natsu Onimaru creates overwhelming power on the back. Can also be removed.
  • Achieves a range of motion that allows you to firmly hold the ocean current spear with both arms.
  • By using the replacement wrist and soul STAGE (sold separately), you can reproduce the scene of throwing a shooting ring.

Package Content:
  • Main body Armor
  • Ocean Current Spear Angry
  • Shooting wheel
  • Replacement wrist left and right
  • A set of dedicated STAGE

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Soul of Chogokin GX-XX01 XX Plan Secret Super Weapon Set 01 for D.C. Series

  • [XX plan] announcement! Power up your DC Super Robot Corps.
  • A new item tribute to the huge robot toy [Jumbo Machine Dar] that became a big hit in the 70s.
  • [Himitsu Super Weapon] that can be attached to the arm of a super robot has been updated to a superalloy soul specification utilizing the design of the time.
  • 6 types of secret super weapons can be attached to the arms of super robots using the DC joint standard jointly.
  • Each of the super weapons has a builtin action gimmick. Except for the rocket punch, it uses diecast parts and boasts the texture and weight of a superalloy.
  • An item that greatly expands the play value of Soul of Chogokin DC series.
  • A display base with a Mazinger Z statue that uses the [Jumbo Machine Dar] form as a motif. Mazinger Z's arms can be equipped with secret super weapons.
  • The display base can be equipped with all the secret super weapons! Its dignity is literally [Kurogane no Castle]!
  • Hover piler included. Can be installed on the optional [Mazinger Z DC].
  • Behold! Invincible Super Robot Corps! Fully armed with XX Project Secret Super Weapon.

XX1 Rocket Punch
Mazinger Z's special weapon! Both arms are ejected with springs!

XX2 photon power flame gun
When you turn the knob at the top of the gun, a red clear part that looks like photon energy appears.

XX3 Rapid firing 6line missile
Two sets that can be worn on both arms. Eject three missiles!

XX4 Light speed breaking disk
Eject a disk with a trigger!

XX5 Strange Magnetic Arm
Telescopic arm with a builtin real magnet. Can adsorb Glendizer's enemy mechanic [Mini Four].

XX6 Megaton crane
You can wind up the chain and lift the megaton ball. Two types of megaton balls of 5000t and 100,000t are included.

[Package Content]
  • XX1 Rocket punch left and right
  • XX2 photon power flame gun
  • XX3 Rapid firing 6line missile left and right
  • Triple missile warhead × 6
  • XX4 Light speed destruction disk
  • Injection disk
  • XX5 Strange magnetic arm
  • Mini Four
  • XX6 Megaton crane
  • 100,000 t megaton ball
  • 5000t megaton ball
  • Display base
  • Mazinger Ztype statue
  • Hover piler

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[Tamashii Nations] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryusoumaru

-The demon of [Majin Hero Den Wataru Shichitama no Ryujin Maru] is commercialized earlier than NXEDGE STYLE!

-Thatched dragon genie with one of the seven souls of Ryujin Maru.
-Gold parts such as head and shoulder crests and Ryu Fist are reproduced with metallic paint.
-Can be transformed into line form.
-Comes with dragon sword with ugly pattern and gold blade.
-Wings like New Ryujin Maru have a movable mechanism. Wings can be deployed in flight form. Change to flight form by deploying wings to the left and right!
-A dragon sword can be mounted on the right shoulder. Since the mount part unfolds forward, the sword pose is also determined.
-Ryujinmaru`s killer sword! It is possible to hold both hands of the dragon sword reminiscent of `! Various action poses using the dragon sword are decided!

- set content
? Body
? Dragon Sword
-Replacement wrist left and right
? Dedicated STAGE set

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[Tamashii Nations ] Nxedge Style Mashin Unit - Ryusenmaru

-A red dragon genie with two swords

-A red genie with an armor like a war god.
-Reproduce the head like a spear, the armor like Jinhaori.
-Gorgeous decorations on the head are gold, the front is metallic blue, and the shoulders are made of metallic green.
-Comes with a characteristic two-sword sword [Red Dragon Sword Type] and [Red Dragon Sword Type].
-[Red Dragon Sword Type] and [Red Dragon Sword Type] can be stored in the back sheath both ways.
-The base of the sheath is a ball joint that can be moved flexibly. The pod also expands to the front. By deploying the front of the scabbard, you can reproduce the `sword action` that pulls out the sword.
-Speaking of two sword styles in the Wataru series, it ’s still [Noshi Shibarak style × character cut]! Ryusenmaru with the name of `Battle` can do the same pose.

- set content
? Body
? Red Dragon
? Red Dragon
-Replacement wrist left and right
? Dedicated STAGE set

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[Tamashii Nations] S.H.Figuarts Sailor Uranus (Animation Color Edition)

  • Sailor Uranus appears from -Animation Color Edition- of the popular SHFiguarts [Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon] series.
  • Coloring of the image that appeared in the 90's anime [Sailor Moon].
  • The gem that completely reproduces the bold and cute action of Sailor Senshi with the movable range and beautiful proportions unique to SHFiguarts, the package is also revived.
  • In addition to the replacement facial parts and wrist parts, arm-folding parts and space swords are included.
  • Replacement facial parts (heart eyes) for [SHFiguarts Sailor Moon -Animation Color Edition-] sold separately are also included.

[Package Content]
  • Main body
  • 3 types of replacement facial parts
  • One type of replacement facial expression parts (heart eyes) for [SHFiguarts Sailor Moon -Animation Color Edition-]
  • Replacement wrist parts 5 types on the left and 8 types on the right
  • Replacement arm assembly parts
  • Space Sword
  • A set of dedicated pedestals

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[Tamashii Nations] Robot Spirits < Side Mashin > New Ryujinmaru -30th Anniversary Ver.- (Completed)

-Celebrations! [Majin Hero Wataru 2] 30th Anniversary! Shinsei Ryujinmaru appears in ROBOT soul with glittering plating and pearl coloring!

-To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the [Wizard 2 of the Genie Heroes] broadcast, ROBOT souls will appear in the [30th anniversary special anniversary version]
-In addition to pearl and metallic paint, a definitive edition of the face and some joints that are newly formed.

-The whole body coloring has been renewed and expressed with glittering plating and pearl coloring.
-Wings can be replaced and deployed!
-Newly shaped part of the cheeks and face parts to reproduce the face closer to the image in the play!
-Overwhelming range of motion is realized by newly forming some joints!

- set content
? Body
? Replacement wrist left and right each 2 types
? Star Dragon Sword
? Wing set

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[Tamashii Nations] S.H.Figuarts Sailor Neptune (Animation Color Edition)

-Sailor Neptune from the popular SHFiguarts [Sailor Moon] series -Animation Color Edition-.

-Coloring of the image that appeared in the 90's anime [Sailor Moon]!
-The gem that completely reproduces the bold and cute action of Sailor Senshi with the movable range and beautiful proportions unique to SHFiguarts, the package is also revived.
-In addition to the replacement facial parts and wrist parts, prayer wrist parts and deep aqua mirrors are also included.

- set content
? Main body
? 3 types of replacement facial parts
? Replacement wrist parts 6 types on the left and 6 types on the right
? Replacement prayer wrist parts
? Replacement arm assembly parts
? Deep aqua mirror
? A set of dedicated pedestals

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[Tamashii Nations] Figuarts Mini Rimuru Tempest

-TAMASHII NATIONS proud brand Figuarts collection brand!

-The charm of the character is tightly condensed into a palm-sized deformation.
-In the deformed arrangement figure series with lively eyes and simple movement, Rimuru Tempest appears from [The case where you were a slime when you reincarnated]!

- set content

  • Main body
  • Replacement arm parts left and right
  • Slime
  • Exclusive pedestal

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[Tamashii Nations] Figuarts Mini Kaworu Nagisa

-Deformed arrangement brand born from [Figuarts] which TAMASHII NATIONS is proud of!

-[Evangelion New Theatrical Version] series is newly released in [Figuarts mini], which was born from [Figuarts] of TAMASHII NATIONS.
-Three-dimensional with the plug suit design of the latest work released on June 27, 2020 [Shin Evangelion Movie version] and the previous work [Evangelion New Movie version: Q].

- set content

  • Body
  • Replacement arm parts left and right
  • pedestal

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Imagination Works Vegeta

- [Vegeta] appears in the second installment from the highest peak movable figure brand [IMAGINATION WORKS].

- In order to make a 2D character three-dimensional, we applied [dense modeling] and [fine coloring] that can only be done with about 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard about 1/12 scale, and [the best. [IMAGINATION WORKS], the [highest peak movable figure] series sent by Tamashii Nations in pursuit of [appearance]. The second is [Vegeta].

- Modeling [Deepening modeling]
High-density modeling that was possible because it was about 1/9 scale. In order to increase the sense of density, the surface composition has been increased to make it more three-dimensional.

- Coloring [Presence of coloring]
An overwhelming presence that is released by effectively adding shadows and gradations to the surface composition.

- Texture [Cloth seamless pursuing the best appearance]
The arms and legs of the Saiyan suit are reproduced with [cloth]. By hiding the joints of the arms and legs, it is a three-dimensional expression that transcends conventional movable figures.

- Value [Method of creating variations in facial expressions]
IMAGINATION WORKS As with Son Goku, the specifications are a combination of facial expression parts and eye-gaze parts.
You can make up to 12 different facial expressions with 2 different facial expressions and 3 different eyes for each of the black hair and Super Saiyan.

- Movable [Movable guided]
Adopted a joint structure that makes it easy to determine the pose even when the cloth is covered. Various poses of Vegeta are decided.

[set content]
? Main body
? Face parts for black hair
? Two types of black hair normal face eye parts
? Three types of eye parts for black hair clenched face
? Head parts for Super Saiyan
? Two types of Super Saiyan face parts
? 3 types of super saiyan normal face eye parts
? Three types of eye parts for Super Saiyan screaming faces
? Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
? Replacement arm assembly parts
? A set of pedestals

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Figuarts Zero [Extra Battle] Ultraman Tiga Multi Type (Completed)

-[Ultraman Tiga Multi Type] is now available in the [Figuarts ZERO] series of non-movable figures that express the charm and world view of characters by focusing on modeling, coloring, and effects!

-Similar to the SHFiguarts series, under the thorough supervision of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, the battle with [Ghatanothoa] in the final episode of [Ultraman Tiga] is three-dimensionalized with the image of Mr. Nakamura who was the suit actor in the final episode at that time. -The impression that became [Tiga] in front of the TV 25 years ago is reproduced in the world view of Figuarts ZERO.

-That impression revives! [Ultraman Tiga] The fierce battle with [Ghatanothoa] in the final episode is three-dimensionalized after 25 years with powerful Zeperion ray effect and realistic effect parts!

[set content]
* Main body (including pedestal)
* A set of ray effects

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S.H.Figuarts Mighty Thor (Thor: Love and Thunder)

-From [Mighty Thor / Love & Thor] scheduled to be released in 2022, [Jane Foster], which has become a new [Mighty Thor], has already appeared in SHFiguarts!

- The new [Mighty Thor] and [Jane Foster] are realistically reproduced by the new manufacturing method of head modeling and digital coloring of the soul! Mjolnir, multiple effect parts, and a cloth cloak with wires reproduce the scene in the play brilliantly!

- Thor\'s ex-girlfriend, [Jane Foster], has become a new [Mighty Thor] and appears in SHFiguarts!
- Reproduce the elegant armor with sharp modeling. Faithfully reproduce characteristic designs such as Mjolnir.
- Effect parts for Mjolnir are also included.
- Comes with an effect that reproduces the summoning of lightning.
- The head part of the real face (Jane Foster) is also included as an optional part.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement head
? Replacement wrist left and right 2 types each
? Hammer (Mjolnir)
? Hammer effect (split)
? Hammer effect (lightning)

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S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Tenshinhan & Chaoz

From the \"Dragon Ball Z\" series, Tenshinhan and Chaoz are included in S.H.Figuarts as a set.

For Tenshinhan , \"screaming\", \"clenching\", \"hurrying\", and 3 types of replacement facial parts are included.

Furthermore, the Chaoz are finally made into movable figures! Replacement wrist parts are included with the Chaoz. .

Appearance work Dragon Ball Z

Main product contents ?

Tenshinhan body

? 3 types of left wrist for Tenshinhan exchange, 4 types of exchange right wrist

? Three types of facial expression parts for Tianjin rice replacement

? Gyoza body

? Two types of left and right wrists for Chaoz replacement

Product size

Tenshinhan Height: Approximately 155 mm

Chaoz total height: about 80 mm

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From \"Wonder Woman 1984,\" the Wonder Woman Golden Armor version joins the S.H.Figuarts lineup! In addition to the gorgeous new
golden coloration, the figure includes a stand for supporting the wings in dynamic poses. Included lasso and hair options let you re-create
your favorite scenes.

[Set Contents] Main Body, Three optional pairs of hands, Optional head, Optional hair, Set of wing parts, Wing support rod set, Lasso of
Truth, Lasso of Truth belt hook

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Robot Spirits < Side BH > Briheight Muga

-From the original TV animation [Back Arrow] by Goro Taniguchi and Kazuki Nakashima, a bright height [Muga] with unknown power has appeared!

-[Muga] is a figure in which the [belief] of the main character [Back Arrow] is materialized as a giant combat robot (Bry Height). The blue crystal part that colors the main body is expressed with clear parts. And, the acrobatic activity in the play is reproduced in a wide range of motion.

-The design was made with reference to the model data used in the video in the play, and we pursued both the reproduction of the characteristic appearance and the movable area.
-The crystal part of the main body is reproduced with clear blue parts.
-Various poses of Muga, who is good at fighting, can be reproduced.
-Comes with effect parts that image the attack scene in a powerful play.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement wrist left and right 2 types
? Replacement occipital region set
? 2 types of effect parts
? Joint for Tamashii STAGE

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Robot Spirits < Side MB > Big Tony

-The leading mecha of the new animation [Sakugan] appears in the ROBOT soul!

-Animated adventure mecha action works selected by [Project ANIMA] aiming to create the next generation! Markbot [Big Tony], which pioneers the undeveloped zone [Labyrinth], is now available as a fully movable model with a total height of about 15 cm!

-Mark bot [Big Tony] operated by the main characters Gaganbar & Memenpu father and daughter is already three-dimensionalized with a fully movable finished product model with a total height of about 15 cm!
-[Big Tony] A full tune-up of a machine called Markbot to develop the undeveloped area [Labyrinth]. Double seat type. In this product, the unique body shape and movement like a heavy machine are fully reproduced.
-Big Tony is designed for long-distance travel and is equipped with a huge backpack on its back. Two engines on both sides of the backpack allow for rapid acceleration and jumps. The appeal of this product is that you can check such various equipment.
-Opening and closing the driver\'s seat is one of the points of this product. You can set a minifigure of Gaganbar and Memenpu inside. You can imagine the size of Big Tony by comparing it with the figure.
-Big Tony can be transformed from a humanoid work form to a moving vehicle form. This product can also reproduce the transformation to the vehicle form. One of the highlights is the characteristic track pattern.
-The anchor wire ejected from the arm is removable and reproduced. You can see that the forearm unit slides upward.
-Since the wire bends flexibly, you can produce a moving pose that matches the image in the play.
-The basic form of the part that hits the hand of Big Tony is originally a drill for rock drilling. With this product, you can select and attach a drill and an open hand.
-Big Tony has many scenes that show flashy action even in the play. We want you to enjoy gimmicks that are different from existing robot figures such as shoulders and knees that have a crank structure.
-The headlamps that look like eyes can produce a variety of facial expressions by using replacement facial parts. The lamp unit can be changed from yellow to red by inverting the front and back.
-The lighting on the side of the driver\'s seat block is reproduced by opening and closing. It can be said that it is indispensable equipment for Big Tony who has many actions in the dark underground.

[set content]
? Main body
? Drill parts x 2
? Anchor wire
? 3 types of replacement facial parts
? Pilot (Memenpu / Gaganbar)

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Proplica Ryomen Sukuna

-From the acclaimed TV anime [Jujutsu Kaisen], [PROPLICA Special Grade Curse Double-sided Fetish Finger] is now available!

-The key item that represents the work of [Jujutsu Kaisen], the finger of the King of Curses, Double-sided Inner, is realistically reproduced on a 1/1 scale!
-Thorough reproduction in pursuit of authenticity, including detailed modeling and coloring, and even packaging!
-It is also possible to enjoy playing with a special sticker!

-From [Jujutsu Kaisen], an adult-oriented display model that realistically reproduces the fingers of the curse king, Double-sided Inner, on a 1/1 scale will be released!

[A feeling of size]
-About 1/1 size that reproduces the feeling of size that appears in the play in pursuit of `real feeling`.

-Faithfully reproduce the three-view setting of the animation. Realistic reproduction of the terrifying atmosphere of a deadly poisonous monster.
-The characteristic of the fingers of the double-sided swelling is that the swelling part like the root of the tree reproduces the modeling close to the setting even when viewed from various angles.

-The nails are realistically glossy, and the skin is finished with a dry texture and an eerie color as a [curse].

-In addition, a sticker that reproduces the [double-sided lodging] that appears by taking the double-sided lodging finger into the body in the play is attached in two patterns. Includes 3 stickers of the same type!

-If you use the sticker, you can play as a [double-sided lodging]. * Please do not stick for a long time
-With a different pattern of stickers, you can enjoy talking with the main character, the tiger cane, and having a conversation! * Please do not stick for a long time. * Please do not put it in your mouth.
-By lining up with the separately sold [SHFiguarts Yuhito Tiger Cane], you can further enjoy the terrifying world view of [Jujutsu Kaisen].

-The package is a wooden box-like design with the fingers of the inn.

-set content
? Main body
? 1 set of body stickers (same pattern x 3)

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[One Piece] FiguartsZERO Brook (Honekichi) and O-Tama

The cover of Jump Comics #91 is now a Figuarts ZERO Figure! This display figure captures the feel of the cover illustration, featuring the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano Country costumes as they penetrate the mysterious and isolated land. 

Product Features
- 9.01 inches (22.99cm) - Brook
- Made of PVC and ABS
- Based on the cover of Jump Comics #91
- Part of the FiguartsZERO line
- Includes figure base
- Additional O-Tama face part included with Nami (Onami) figure, sold separately

Box Contents
- Brook figure
- O-Tama figure
- Brook face part
- Base

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Robot Spirits (Side MS) RX-78GP02A Gundam GP02A Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

- The machine of nightmare as the core of the story, Gundam prototype No.2 appears in [ROBOT Spirit ver. ANIME]!

- Nuclear-armed Gundam who deviated from [Antarctic Treaty] in the [Gundam Development Plan] the Earth Federation Army was advancing with confidentiality.
- Huge body with armor and shield for nuclear attack to keep as close as possible to the target in order to improve the accuracy of hit.
- DeLars fleet robbed and [star scrap operation] started.

- ANIME - movable
Verify the weight balance not to be defeated by a large fuselage or armed. It realizes stable posing and smooth movement.
Arm can be delicate expression with multiple axes.
The legs also interlocked with armor to achieve a wide range of motion and a natural form.

- ANIME - option
Atomic bazooka, the main armament, recreates the storage form, assembly and deployment state.
Bazooka\'s barrel storage is also possible inside the shield.
Each part of the binder can also move and reproduce a series of atomic bazooka launch processes.
Saber effect comes in three types, normal type and high output expressed linear type, curved type.
The grip reproduces the storage in the waist.
Vernier effects can be attached to binders and legs.

- ANIME - linkage
Combined with [ROBOT Soul RX-78 GP 01 Gundam Prototype 1 Unit ver. ANIME] (sold separately) scheduled to be released in July, it is possible to reproduce various scenes underway, including an impressive crash scene at the opening etc.
Additional installation is possible in conjunction with the vernier effect attached to the [ROBOT Spirit ver. ANIME] series (sold separately).

- set content
· Main body
· Four replacement wrist left and right
· Wrist storage deck
· Atomic Bazooka
· Saber effect × 2
· Saber effect (song)
· High output beam · Saber effect set
· Vernier effect × 2

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Robot Spirits (Side MS) AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

-[Gundam Development Plan] A secret agreement aircraft [Gerbera Tetra], which was disguised as a base of the phantom prototype No. 4 and transferred to the Delers Fleet, is now available in ver.ANIME!

-Anaheim Electronics\' assault aircraft [Gundam Prototype Unit 4 Gerbera] originally developed in the [Gundam Development Plan]. The exterior was changed and disguised as a Zeon-type aircraft because the approval of the federal army was not obtained. It was renamed Gerbera Tetra and transferred to Cima Garahau of the Delers Fleet.

-Includes a Sturm booster that is as tall as the MS itself. By the replacement, a more voluminous silhouette appears.
-Faithfully reproduce the unique form and coloring that stands out even in the main story.
-A glamorous body line composed of curved lines such as a large vernier on the shoulder.
-Equipment comes with a beam machine gun, and beam effect parts that reproduce high power can be attached.
-A Sturm booster can be attached to the back. In addition, the propellant tank can be attached and detached.
-Vernier effect parts can be attached to the shoulders and legs as well as the Sturm booster.
-[ROBOT soul Effect parts set 2 ver.ANIME] (sold separately) can be linked to reproduce a powerful battle scene.

[set content]
? Main body
? Sturm booster
? Propellant tank x 2
? Beam machine gun
? Beam saber unit x 2
? Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
? Wrist storage deck
? Various effects

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Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian Warrior

-Do you know? After 40 years ... Gordian Warrior is reborn! Get the best volume, the best gimmicks, and the best alter ego in your hands!

-The blockbuster product [Gordian Warrior], which is famous as a masterpiece toy, has been reborn with the spirit of Chogokin after 40 years.
-Sophisticated coalescence & movable gimmick, styling, abundant weapon parts, etc., the definitive edition of Gordian Toy!

--Daigo, who controls [Gordian] consisting of three mechas, fights against the Mad Doctor Corps who plans to invade the Earth.
-A large volume item that includes Daigo, 3 mechas, and various weapons and equipment is now available!

[Daigo Otaki] The main character of this work. Manipulate the Gordian and fight against the Mad Doctor Corps that invades the Earth.
-Daigo\'s figure is a small size with a total height of about 60 mm, but it is a full action specification. A partner Clint for the display is also included.

[Protector] A small mechanism with a set height of 2.5m. Play with Mad Doctor with quick movements.
-Overall height is about 120mm. You can equip Gordian Bomb and Green Light Sword.

[Dellinger] Medium-sized mecha with a set height of 5m. Excellent in fighting.
-Overall height is about 200mm. It comes with an ax-shaped magnum bunch and a red light sword, which are special weapons.

[Garbin] A large mecha with a set height of 15m. With its power and various weapons, it scatters Mad Doctor\'s robot.
-Powerful size with a total height of about 320 mm! It is possible to equip various special weapons including a plated white light sword.

-Daigo joins the protector, protector joins Delinger, and Delinger joins Garvin! This changing appearance is a combination of alter ego! And the completed Garvin! Enjoy the brave and brave figure!
-Each joint is movable even when everything is united. You can decide various action poses. I want you to see the density and movable gimmick with your own eyes.
-The height comparison of each mecha, which was difficult to reproduce with the previous Gordian toys, is reproduced with a balance that is extremely close to the image in the play in the Soul of Chogokin.
-As a bonus part, a replacement face part that reproduces the previous design of Garvin is also included.
-Daigo and Clint come with 3 mechas and a special pedestal that allows you to set a wide variety of equipment together. This voluminous feeling, this power, exactly the definitive edition of Gordian Toy !!

- set content
? Daigo Otaki
? Clint
? Protector
? Delinger
? Gervin
? Gordian Bomb x 2
? Bomb drill / green light sword common pattern
? Bomb drill blade
? Green light sword blade
? Left and right weapon holders for protectors
? Left hand holding bomb for protector
? Magnum bunch
? Red light sword
? Weapon holder left and right for Delinger
? Garbin replacement face parts
? Shine Sheld
? Mighty Libor
? Libor sword tip (shuriken)
? Duke screw
? Brass knuckles base
? White light sword
? Foot missile x 2
? Weapon holding left and right hands A
? Weapon holding left and right hands B
? Half-bent flat hand left and right
? A set of pedestals

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Figuarts ZERO Zenitsu Agatsuma Thunder Flash

Zenitsu Agatsuma from "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" gets a new "Figuarts ZERO" figure from Bandai, caught at the moment he unleashes his Thunder Flash attack! Clear and partially painted effect parts reproduce the power of his vigorous attack, contrasting with his peaceful expression. This figure is amazing all the way around, too, with skillful sculpting accenting his dynamic pose! You'll love it -- order yours today!
  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 15cm tall
  • [Materials]: ABS, PVC

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Dynaction Ultraman (Shin Ultraman)

-Adopted the first light emitting gimmick! [Ultraman (Shin Ultraman)] is now available from the huge action figure brand [DYNACTION] of about 400mm.

-Eyes that emit light. Realistic coloring expression pursuing a glossy feeling. Movable performance created by the combined joints of die casting and POM. And [DYNACTION Ultraman (Shin Ultraman)] appeared with a presence consisting of an overwhelming volume of about 400 mm.

-The body is designed based on the CG used in the play.
-The LED unit built into the head reproduces the appearance of a special news image that emits light from the inside.
-The action pose is decided flexibly though it is a huge body of about 400 mm.
-Silver paint on the body that reflects light violently according to the image of the image.
-A huge feeling that overwhelms the person who picks it up.
-You can also reproduce the rising scene shown in the special news video.
-The precisely designed movable structure reproduces the poses that are typical of Ultraman.
--Smooth movement is achieved by the compound joint of die-cast and polyacetal.
-A figure of a person matching the scale in the play is included.
-A special pedestal is attached, and it can support the pose.

[set content]
? Main body
? Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
? Person figure
? A set of dedicated pedestals
? LR44 x 2 (with test battery)

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